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Summer is here! An easier no fuss way to apply sunscreen to your little one.

Summer is here and that means lots of outdoor activities for you and your family. Protecting your little ones delicate skin from the harsh uva/uvb rays is priority but it can at times become a messy chore. I took my son to Disneyland a few weeks ago and trying to re-apply sunscreen on a wiggly one year old every couple of hours was exhausting.  I needed an easier method. After doing some research I found this Neutrogena stick sunscreen. I kept the receipt  ($7.99 at Target) and I tested it out at the pool one afternoon. Honestly I was quite pleased with the results. It was definitely easier to apply especially on the face and ears but my favorite part was the no mess part. No sticky, goopy, smelly mess from lotions and  no sunscreen spray accidently getting into the eyes. Re-application was also easier even after getting in and out of the pool.  All in all I'm quite pleased with the sunscreen stick and I will definitely be using this product for the rest of the summer.

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